Professional Counselling

This section is designed to help individuals get in touch with a professional counsellor in their own country.

Counselling is a collaborative effort between the counsellor and a client. During a counselling session, the counsellor will help the individual make clarity of their needs, and help them find the proper career path based on their interests, skills and abilities. Through expert advice, the individual will be able to assess their current situation, define goals, find shortcomings, and outline a possible path for the achievement of their goals. 


Our team of counsellors have multiple years of experience in the field and possess the relevant qualifications in order to deliver the best possible support.

During a session, the counsellor will ask questions to the clients about their history and background, as well as their current concerns and struggles. They may also ask them about their relationships, strengths, goals, and so on. Based on the answers, the councillor will try to help the client determine possible career options and devise a plan.


Book an appointment

In order to access this service, all you need to do is:

1) Click on the link below: Book an appointment

2) Choose the desired slot according to the availability of the counsellors in your country

3) Submit your request. A member of the team will get in touch with you to make arrangements for the counselling session

4) The session will take place at the agreed date and time. 


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