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Welcome to the Interactive Online Map section of our platform. Within this section, you can find Training Providers, Competency Assessment Centers, Second Chance Schools as well as any other entities which may interest a person seeking to start his/her education, to add to it or to reinvent himself professionally. The entities have been inserted on our page using geo-location so, if you are interested in using their services, you can also use its pin within the interactive map to identify its contact details or to plan your trip to its headquarters.
In order to view the information on this page, you have two view choices:

1.You can view the information as a grid, looking at all entities profiles and selecting the one that fits your needs the most. For the “GRID” view, you can use also the filter section, in order to select the desired category of service providers for your needs as well as the country of your residence. In order to switch to GRID view, please click on the “View As” button and select GRID. In order to use the filter section, please click on the “Filters” button and choose your desired options.

2. You can view the information as a map with all the entities, placed on it geographically, as small pins. This is the default view. You can use this view to identify the service providers in your proximity. To do this, click on the map and zoom in using the “+” button in the upper left corner while adjusting the map to your desired location by clicking on it and dragging it with the mouse. Alternatively, you can also use from this view the “Filters” option but consider that it will bring you to the GRID view. in order to return to the map view, please click on the “View as” button and choose the “MAP” option.

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We invite organizations to register their details on our online interactive map, enabling them to showcase their presence and engage with a wider audience. If you wish to appear on the map, please send an email to with the following details:

  • Name of the organisation
  • Short description
  • Location
  • Phone number
  • email
  • Website address
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