Dracon Rules Design Studio is a non-profit non-government organization (Legal Status in Greece: Astiki Mi Kerdoskopiki Etaireia), aiming to promote board games and their benefits as tools in the education sector as well as within the society. Our primary objective is the up-taking of activities that will contribute to the creation, forming, improvement, development, analysis, critique and dissemination of games as an educational and societal innovative tool for the transformation of education and forming of a new type of social relations based on equity and common effort, as well as the positive benefits of games in all their forms.

Dracon Rules Design Studio was born after years of thought and planning. Its founding members are drawn from informal groups with long tradition of service to the society, such as the Board Game Society of Karditsa (Syllogos Filon Epitrapezion Karditsas). Our members have organized or participated in and keep organizing and participating in various events throughout the years, including charity activities for people in need (most recent reference: Hurricane Janus, Karditsa), Municipality and School events, as well as maintaining an active youth board game club in the organization’s premises.

As an organization, we work on the fields of education and board game design, cooperating with public bodies and private organizations to further our main objective. We aim into participating into consortia requiring the unique skill-set required to integrate gaming into education as a tool, as well as other key areas (inclusion, equity, up-skilling etc).

Dracon Rules Design Studio is comprised of people experienced in board game design and education, as well as project management. One of its further goals is to provide assistance and means to organizations and groups with goals and interests akin to our own. As such, our members (volunteers) include playtesters and game researchers/assistants, parts of greater groups. The main group of Volunteers and Staff at the starting date of our organization’s members number over 15 people of various skill-sets and backgrounds (including and not limited to: project management, banking, mathematics, law, health-care etc.).


Contact Information

Karditsa, Karditsa Municipality, Karditsa Regional Unit, Thessaly, Thessaly and Central Greece, 431 00, Greece
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